About Lyon Roark



I believe every person on this earth has a unique and precious story to tell, and we all have a choice of how we choose to share ourselves with the world. For me, creating and artistic expression has been a delight for as long as I can remember. How words communicate, so do aesthetics; colors, textures, and shapes are a language, and I love speaking it. Lyon Roark was birthed from this place.  


I don’t feel bound to just these expressions - but tethered to in some glorious way; it’s the impressed story, room for interpretation and feeling. Wearable art that can lend itself to the individual’s voice and message. Offerings of beauty that make the wearer excited and alive; like giving a key that unlocks hidden and tucked away treasure. 


The truth is I enjoy being limitless in this speaking; for now, Lyon Roark is focused on making timeless, heirloom quality scarves, along with bespoke candles, and a small run of ever-changing curated antiques. In my personal life I greatly enjoy infusing our home with richness and interest, and my sense of fashion garners this same approach; my hope for Lyon Roark is that, one day, our values and outflow will spread into many other areas of expression and curation, and philanthropic endeavors. 


Ultimately, I believe beauty is to be found everywhere; through every sense, landscapes and symphonies, written word and feelings. Expressed and enjoyed, I give my own offerings of beauty to you. In these sharings I hope to inspire, stir, and draw out every whim and curiosity in you; a constant reverb all around, a never ending conversation. The future is something I’m very, very excited about. 


I’m honored that you’re here,

Amanda Roark